Handkerchief Color Codes Fact Sheet

“What the most popular red hanky popper?”   At pigsolvents we get lots of questions about what poppers are best for fisters, for spankers, and all types of BDSM activities… often times a question just mentions a bandana color but not its meaning.

We know the big colors BLUE (fucking) , RED (fisting) and YELLOW (water sports), but some what’s poppers are used for a Fuschia hanky scene always sends us to the the handkerchief code charts but even Wikipedia doesn’t cover every thing..  So instead of looking up the bandana color every time, we are collecting our own list of Hanky Color Codes with the LEFT / Right definitions and popper recommendations:

Hanky Code Color Worn Left / UP Worn Right / DOWN Popper Brands
Red Hanky Fister Fistee English White Label
Dark Red Hanky 2 Handed Fisting TOP 2 Handed Fisting bottom dv8 extreme


Hope this helps figure out the bandana in back pocket meaning!

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