Privacy & Integrity – Guaranteed

Privacy & Integrity - Guaranteed
PIG Promise | Privacy Integrity Guaranteed

Our PIG Promise means your Privacy is protected, we will act with integrity to fulfill your order. Just that simple, we will do right by you, and that trust will grow the more you buy online. We aren’t rule heavy, we simply commit to making things right..


We understand how important it is to keep things private. Your personal information, address and shipment are all between you and US. We don’t share or sell information beyond payment & shipping partners.
Shipments arrive in UNMARKED packages with a ‘Shipping Center’ return address. No mention of solvents, pigs, poppers, online stores or anything…


Our goal is to be your favorite solvent supplier and we will do right by you.
That starts with REAL, AUTHENTIC poppers online…
We don’t cut corners and try to save a buck on knock offs…
Shipping works 99% of the time, but occasionally there are broken bottles ( we replace) and lost shipments ( we send another).
What ever it takes…. we want happy pigs!


We take all of this seriously. With so many scams out there, and a general lack of trust in the world, we are different.
Its one of the most common questions we get: ‘Is PIGsolvents a scam?’
Sadly, it says alot about the world we live in. We want to change that and bring back trust. High standards…