Double Scorpio Poppers

From the heart of the country comes the newest brand of ‘tape cleaners’ products. You have found where to get Double Scorpio poppers!

named from the zodiac with quality cleaning at the top of the spectrum. Think filtered and refined to remove impurities, double scorpio unlike anything before!

Double Scorpio Poppers

Decades after rush poppers, Double Scorpio joins the ranks of the best poppers. Don't risk fakes, the best poppers online are from PIG Solvents.

Solvent Cleaner

Solvent Cleaners on this page can be considered tape cleaner, harness cleaner (double scorpio black), head cleaner and even Key cleaner. In all cases the cleaning method is the same. pouring onto a cotton ball then cleaning the surface. Except as a key cleaner, place the key in the hole after removing the lid for simple key hole cleaning.. Questions? Just ask!