Blue Label Poppers

The Best Poppers tour continues with Blue Label Poppers. These range from US based Jungle Juice Blue, To Dutch Blue Boy, to Taiwan Blue.

Whether a blue bottle, or blue label each of these brands represent quality you can trust.

$11.24 - $14.99
$11.87 - $16.87
Original price was: $22.37.Current price is: $17.87.
$14.90 - $19.87
$17.77 - $23.69
$16.72 - $24.72
Original price was: $50.37.Current price is: $45.72.

Hanky Code Blue

When exploring the handkerchief code, the color blue shows up frequently. whether Airforce blue, Navy (standard) blue, teal blue or light blue...

poppers in the blue label collection work for everything from fly boys, to CBT, oral and more!

find out more with the full hanky code decoder