As the warehouse manager here at Poppers4U I, Xavier Zuniga like to maintain a working knowledge of all the products we sell.  Our newest brand of solvent cleaner is DV8 (deviate) and I recently gave it a test run in our testing facility with a volunteer.

dv8 Poppers cleaner - Deviate!

To be honest, at first I was sort of meh, but then I realized that DV8 is a subtle cleaner.  Its effect is gentle not brute and obvious.  Patience works wonders with DV8 extreme power and within maybe 30 seconds it really began to lift and relax the areas I was working.  I think DV8 would be perfect for those of you who like a fine wine of a cleaner as opposed to those who are looking for hard liquor.  You’ll get the same place in the end but the road will be a bit smoother if you deviate from the norm keeping 2 hands on the wheel if you flag hank code dark red right.

While I was in the testing center, and since the volunteer was still raring to go, we decided to add a couple more brands to the palate.  First up we chose Pig Sweat.

Pig Sweat Poppers Online 30ml / large
Pig Sweat

Pig Sweat is designed for the inner pig that lurks within and it doesn’t disappoint.  Pig Sweat, unlike some of the more aggressive cleaners, has a subtle and delicate onset in that you don’t feel like Pig Sweat is making much difference in the first few seconds but very soon Pig Sweat delivers a distinctive heat and pleasure as Pig Sweat makes its way into your most intimate and secret zones.  If you are feeling a bit like pigging out, Pig Sweat will help release the pig within but in a reasonably dignified manner.  My volunteer and I really porked out, if you know what I mean…

Next we decided to try a favorite with some of our close friend, English White Label.

English White Label

English White Label doesn’t try to lure you in with colorful graphics on the label, instead it looks very much like the early generic brands of canned goods from the 1980s; plain black text on white background.  Or, perhaps, English White Label could be considered industrial.  I’d always steered clear of English White Label because it seemed so plain that I guessed English White Label was kind of a rock bottom basic type of popper.  It’s a good thing I have a ( Red Hanky Code ) fisting friend who let me try English White Label.

The first thing I noticed was that there was no smell, so, I assumed that English White Label wouldn’t have an effect either but I was wrong about that.  The effect was gentle and gradual, almost like you wouldn’t notice it until you realize how relaxed and at peace you are with the world, how amazingly good everything feels that is happening to you and around you.  English White Label has to be one of the gentlest of the solvent cleaners that I have tried.  Gentle but deeply effective best describes English White Label.

Of course I am referring to the effects of accidentally inhaling some fumes while using English White Label to clean particularly gentle fabrics and leathers in my adult play area.  You should never intentionally concentrate or inhale a product like English White Label, but sometimes accidental exposure does occur.

If you like your solvent cleaners to be odor-free but gently effective, then English White Label just might be the best product for you.  Think of it as the Woolite© of poppers!

That’s it for now guys and dolls.  Stay tuned for my next installment of Xavier Zuniga Reviews!