Hey everyone, it’s your favorite overly friendly Warehouse Manager Xavier Zuniga here at Poppers4U.  I found two fresh volunteers to work with me in the testing center and we tackled a big job.  We tested THREE products, a group we refer to here at Poppers4U as “The Blue Boys Pack.”  I’ve tried to get the General Manager, Neal, to change to name to “Blue Balls Group” but no budging Neal on that one!  Seriously though, Neal is a great guy to work for, well, as long as you do EXACTLY what he says.  He’s not Masterman for nothing!  LOL!

OK, back to business here.  I’m going to introduce each product separately and then make a general suggestion at the end.

Taiwan Blue is best characterized as a gentle but effective cleaner that is best used on smaller stains that have been caught early.

Taiwan Blue Poppers 30ml large
Taiwan Blue

Taiwan Blue has almost no scent so it can sneak up on you if working in close quarters without good ventilation as we were.  Taiwan Blue really relaxed the stains to be lifted without being overly aggressive.  I think this is a great choice for beginners as well as for experienced users who are using it as part of a larger cleaning program.

Blue Boy is a very nice, very effective cleaner that I would classify as a medium strength product.

Blue Boy Poppers Original formula - small bottle
Blue Boy Original

It features a mild scent, not at all overpowering and it provides a very nice effect.  This is a cleaner well suited to the experienced user who wants some bang but who doesn’t want to be bowled over.  It is made following a Dutch formula and the Dutch are well known for their cleaning prowess!

Jungle Juice Blue lives up to the family name and reputation.  This is some seriously powerful stuff so be very careful when using it, especially in areas that are not well ventilated because you are likely to get a serious case of flushing, relaxation, and head rush if you accidentally come into contact with the fumes.

Jungle Juice Blue

This is a great product for your toughest cleaning tasks, although it is not, perhaps, quite as strong as Jungle Juice MAX.  I would recommend this product to experienced users and I also think it is an excellent choice for the end of the cleaning process where you’ve cleaned up the easy stuff but you are really scrubbing hard to squeeze out that last final bit before you are completely satisfied.

I think that these three products could really work well together.  I would recommend using the Taiwan Blue for the first pass to start to loosen and warm things up.  Once you get started and are ready to move on to some more intense work, and that timing is going to vary based on your situation and the task at hand, switch over to the greater power of Blue Boy.  I think Blue Boy will carry you basically 90% of the way, but that tough last bit, where you are almost there but not quite, bring in the big guns of the Jungle Juice Blue and blast through whatever resistance remains.  I’m sure your outcomes will be as satisfying as those we had in the testing center.  The only problem was that the cleaning was so effective we sort of accidentally ended up with more stains to work out the next time we visit.  A good problem to have!

That’s it for me, Xavier Zuniga, for now, but keep checking here for my next adventure in product reviewing!