Xavier Zuniga Reviews HARDWARE


I was very pleased with Hardware.  It has a medium strength poppers scent which I know is important to some since they judge effectiveness by the odor strength, although I have not found this to be a consistent indicator of freshness or potency.  If odor matters to you, Hardware has what you are looking for.  As was the case with Gold Rush, there was a nice bit of a lag time to allow me to get the cap back on and to settle in nicely before the effect, which was medium to strong, hit me.  And the effects were pleasantly long lasting so a little bit of Hardware is going to take you a long way.  I would easily rank Hardware in the top tier of strength among all the brands we sell.  It deserves to do better in terms of sales rank given this and I hope that you readers out there will be motivated to give this superior brand a try.

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