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PIGdaddy – KeyCleaner

PIGdaddy KeyCleaner rocks the filth off dirty Keys. Cleaning power compares to PIG Sweat. [...]

Lily – the latest key cleaner from Best Solvent

PIG Solvents is proud to be the launch partner for Lily – Hit The [...]

Key Hole Best Solvent Key Cleaner

KeyHole premium key cleaner.. When you need in, its the key!

Porn PIG approved

Gay Porn legend Scott Spears chooses quality cleaning solvents for his Jobs... Explore his [...]

Xavier Zuniga Reviews HARDWARE

I was very pleased with Hardware.  It has a medium strength poppers scent which [...]

Xavier Zuniga Reviews English Premium Gold

Hi!  It’s Xavier Zuniga, your intrepid and overly generous Warehouse Manager.  Sorry it has [...]

Scott Spears Poppper Pig Solvents

Nasty Pig Poppers

Wearing nasty pig poppers bikini? Add some blue bottle poppers to complete your summer Pig wardrobe..

Solvent Cleaner Poppers should only be used for cleaning

PigSol reminds you. Be a smart PIG, Solvent Cleaners are ONLY for cleaning. . Don’t abuse them.

While the street slang may be poppers, our products are NEVER intended to be misused, or inhaled… Comments about effects, are intended to help alert customers to the negative effects a popper solvent bottle spilled, or were accidentally broken or left open… Much like the smell of natural gas from a pilot light is used to alert a consumer to a problem…

Find us Faster… PIGSLV.com also leads directly to PigSolvents… Shorter, and check out the sales…